Welcome to the Middle School section.


Students from Grades Six to Eight enter a learning environment designed to meet their unique needs and interests as young adolescents. The Middle School section is a bridge between the Elementary and High School. Its purpose is to help students acquire skills for future success in school and life, while following a balanced and age- appropriate program.


Our curricular programs address these components:



The Middle School program challenges students to meet high academic expectations and to develop their critical thinking skills. We expect all students to be active, highly participative, responsible learners who strive for excellence.



Our program is developmentally appropriate for adolescents in that it offers a wide variety of co-curricular and extra- curricular activities that complement the core curriculum and address students’ needs and interests. Students are able to choose elective courses- with themes ranging from cooking to beginning aerodynamics- in the Enrichment Clusters and participate in extra- curricular sports teams and clubs.



At the heart of justice is a deep respect for each individual’s differences and rights. In preparation for life in a democratic society, students learn to work cooperatively, value diversity and contribute to the school and greater community through service learning projects.



Effective education is integral education. Life Skills classes and the Middle School Advisory program provide students with an opportunity to learn about and discuss human development themes as well as academic, social and ethical issues that are relevant to their lives.




Edric Olsen


Middle School Principal


Mayra de Cordón


Middle School Assistant Principal








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