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We are dedicated to focusing on the unique learning and social/emotional needs of Kindergarten and 1st Grade students. We believe that the early years should be a positive, fun time that enriches children’s knowledge and understanding of the world, their place in it, among family, friends, and community.  We clearly see parents as important partners in this lifelong journey.


Our highly qualified staff serves as facilitators, models and consultants for our children, by guiding them in their learning explorations. We are asking questions, listening to answers, concerns and interests, providing information, and supporting them, while sharing and reinforcing learning opportunities with each child. We encourage problem solving, critical thinking, universal values and team work. Learning respect and responsibility is important, in developing positive personal relationships and communication skills with peers and adults. The Early Childhood program is based on the premise that children construct meaning and knowledge through multi-sensory experiences. Young students should be active learners with hands-on experiences and exploration. Student-centered learning experiences and projects, as well as teacher directed ones, are geared toward skill development as well as bilingualism. Children are exposed to many social, sensory motor, artistic, musical, and academic (language and math) skills and activities in both English and Spanish. Every class has two homeroom teachers, one with proficiency in each language, in addition to a bilingual assistant, who work with an integrated curriculum to insure that we fulfill the needs of a diverse group of learners. Activities are both open-ended as well as teacher directed, allowing for creativity, imagination and originality.


We believe that every child is a unique individual and should learn to take responsibility for themselves and their surroundings while being treated with respect. We look forward to building a team dedicated to sharing the excitement of student centered learning with young children and their families in a challenging and exciting learning environment.


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Connie Turner


Early Childhood Principal


Sonia de Figueroa


Assistant Principal and Early Childhood Admissions Coordinator







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